Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Great to hear from everyone!

A week has nearly past and at last I have found time to extend my thanks and best wishes to all for a wonderful time. Laurie and I were in awe of the organisation of the whole event.  I will hold in my heart the friendliness of everyone! Life is for making special memories and the reunion will certainly be one of those. Laurie and I wish you all a happy and safe Easter and look forward to meeting again in the not too distant future. Please do not pass through Tweed Heads without making contact.
Kindest regards
Helen (Moebus) Ganter

Gini and I had a great time at the reunion, thanks go to all the team who worked hard to make it possible, and I would like to keep in touch with the folks that we met. Lynne sent us a list and I will reply to her.
Thanks again for your hard work, we really enjoyed it.
Talk to you again.
Tira Charuvastra

I would just like to add my thanks and congratulations to everyone who was involved in putting the reunion together and I think we can all appreciate the huge efforts which must have been made by many of you in Canberra, as well as by Ann and Lynne to make it such a wonderful and successful event. I have spent many an hour in front of the computer recently looking at photos etc which have been posted and even found a few of my own in an album previously well hidden amongst all the junk collected over the last 50 years. Although we have travelled around a bit and have been in Brisbane now for 18 years or so, I am always proud to say that I was born and bred in our National Capital and the recent visit only brought home to me how much your place of birth really does mean to you. Of course those early years of schooling likewise, have been very important probably for all of us and it was great to be able to share some of our memories with our former classmates and friends.
Hopefully we can touch base again sometime in the future,
Rod Gilhome

I trust that things are getting back to normal for you and Gerd at Guilfoyle St. after having your home taken over during the reunion weekend. It was in fact a marvellous venue to get together and to roll back the years and reminisce about being at Telopea.  My sincere appreciation to you and the organising committee for all you did to make everyone feel most welcome over the weekend and ensure that our 50th reunion was a great success. There was a lot to catch up on and each of the activities/events allowed us to become reacquainted and to bring back vivid memories. Well done!
Tony Ward

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